Customer Guidelines

Dear Customers,
Before using this website please Read all the instructions of our website related terms and policies and understand carefully.

  • 1.This is an online platform to buy(sell) wide range of Rice and Rice related products.

  • 2.We are presenting different types of shop details and variant rice products are in reasonable prices. Safety precautions:

    1. Customers are responsible for their payments and details.

    2. Please check the quality and quantity and other details of the product carefully before delivery.

    3. we are accepting return of product based on our return policy

    4. Incase of repayment of amount(Online payments) it will be settled in fifteen working days.

    5. if incase of direct payments you will directly collect the amount from shop owners.

    6. This site and services may be used only for lawful purposes And in a law full manner

    7. you may not register under a false registration and invalid data and invalid card details. Because this website not involved in the actual transactions between sellers and buyers.

    8. Riceadda urges seller and buyers to cooperate with my business we will not liable for any damages of any kind.

In case of returning of goods please consult the related shop owner. Delivery charges charges may or may not be applicable for returning of goods to seller,based on the quantity and distance. Customers are liable to pay the amount for their used quantity (in case of returning of goods/products). MONEY Payment related issues are solved within 15 working days from date of payment.otherwise consumers directly contact the related shop owner.incase of online payment for this web site contact the below address.